Social Media Tools to Enlighten Business Marketing

Social media tools are an essential component of any business, mainly in marketing. It’s not surprising that most companies use social media more for marketing than other business functions, primarily because it involves accessing customers in different niches and preferences. When planning to commence a social media campaign, it’s sometimes overwhelming not knowing the starting point or the tools to use. However, Netbase Quid and other companies have developed various software tools to enable businesses to conduct successful campaigns.

Factors that determine Different Types of Tools

Before choosing the appropriate social media marketing campaign, companies should consider several important factors. These campaigns are generally categorized into four components. First, a business needs to create content for its products. This process needs marketers to develop original ideas and combine them to form original content for a social media campaign using posts, pictures, and blogs. After content creation, it’s essential to distribute it globally to access any targeted customers. Different social media tools provide this service, but it depends on the need to distribute such content. Free and payable channels are available, but the payable media offer more accessibility to customers.

Customer responses are another critical factor that influences a business’ social media campaign. Marketers gather these responses after having their content distributed across all target customers. Social media users who access various products provide reviews after using or gathering referrals, informing business’ decision-making. Lastly, a company should select social media tools based on different content requirements after analyzing its content based on customer responses. Customers give their perceptions on products, and businesses should use them to compare their products against competitors to determine required changes and reinforcements.


Firms use different social media tools for their social media campaigns based on their critical insights during content creation, distribution, customer responses, and preferences. This choice depends on what a business intends to do, for instance, content creation, publishing, or adding graphics. However, the choice of tools depends on a firm’s differentiation of products, customers, and markets, resulting in three main divisions.

Listening Tools

A typical example of social media listening tools is the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Wherever a company carries out a social media marketing campaign, it’s interested in collecting competitor and customer data or the perception of other stakeholders about a product. These tools provide the listening service and inform businesses on the current industry trends, helping shape business decisions.

The primary purpose of marketing is to increase stakeholders’ knowledge of a product and collect their responses. Therefore, listening tools are essential after content creation and publishing since they provide marketers with market information of a product’s reception. This information reflects critical changes and reinforcements that businesses should make regarding their products; for instance, there may be a need for product diversification according to varying customer tastes.

Publishing Tools

These tools help businesses to get their marketing messages to intended audiences. It’s challenging to spend time and resources developing content and then invest in promoting it online. Therefore, social media tools, such as Percolate, engage in specialized services of pushing companies’ products online based on recommendations that a business gives and different customer niches.

Competitive Analysis (CA) Tools

These tools use competitive intelligence to analyze the performance of competitors’ channels and factors that cause any differences. CA tools do not concentrate on users or customers but on competition and what a business should do to attract better social media performance. Netbase Quid is one example of companies that conduct competitive analysis.

Netbase Quid

Netbase Quid provides social analytics and market intelligence services. It uses specialized software to manage companies’ social media pages, mainly their social media campaigns. Its primary focus is on analytics, the third classification of social media tools for marketing, providing firms with vital insights regarding the performance of their social pages, leading to better marketing decisions.

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